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Understanding 'The Transgender War'

The folowing was written in 2021 and predicts the latest moves (2023) by the EHRC


The trans community has had war declared on it by a small group of people who want to eradicate them from society. It may be a small group but it is well organised, financially well resourced, and is using strategies and tactics honed over many centuries

To know how to respond you need to do a number of things:-

  • Understand who your opponents are and who are the those they have co-opted.

  • Understand the opponent’s basis for the ‘war’ and be able to undermine this

  • Understand the strategies being used and what strategies should be used in opposition.

  • Understand the day to day tactics and have the means to pre-empt and counter them

  • Understand the resources, organisation and army being deployed and not only be able to match these and but build a better stronger organisation and army.


So here goes


Who are the opponents and who are those they have co-opted?


The core here are a small group of evangelical conservative Christians and those with far right political views based, here in the UK, around Christian Concern and affiliated groups. They have both money and expertise in media relations, political lobbying and law (they include lawyers) and 2000 plus years of public manipulation and ideological enforcement.

The primary group they have co-opted to promote their cause are radical feminists, though it has to be stressed TERFS are merely secondary opponents NOT the primary opponent. They have also managed to recruit small sections of the LGB community, right wing political parties and religious groups, though only with limited success.

Basis for ‘the war’


The basis for this groups war on trans folks is

  • There is only sex which is biological and binary; Gender and being transgender is an ideology, an acquired belief, with no basis in biology.

  • Sex cannot be changed, but gender, as an ideology, can be (i.e. can be converted)

  • That ‘transgender ideology’ is a false ideology, but is being promoted too heavily and taking in too many people (especially children) to the point it poses a threat to society and needs suppressing and eradicating


Strategies being deployed


There are six basic strategies all of which are text book long practised ‘us and them’ing strategies

  • Pushing a simple consistent message that being transgender is a false and dangerous ideology that threatens the safety and rights of other (ordinary) people.

  • Creating and pushing propaganda and misinformation demonising transgender folks and their ‘ideology’ that appeals to and therefore gets publicised through mainstream media channels to the general public.

  • Identifying and attacking all groups that support transgender folks on the grounds they are promoting and supporting a dangerous ideology.

  • Creating, supporting and promoting groups that push transphobia and exclusion such as Women’s Place, LGB Alliance, Safe Schools Alliance, etc. on grounds they are protecting rights and safety and which lobby key decision-making organisations (Govt, EHRC, etc)

  • Lawfare – Taking to the courts to challenge trans rights, healthcare and support services on grounds these are a danger to and conflict with the rights and safety of others

  • Claiming victimisation and attempts to suppress free speech when challenged, while pack piling on individuals and small groups who stand up for trans folks to supress and drown them out.




The tactics being used include…

  • Recruiting troops using social media honeypots and then organising them into cohesive units, giving them simple messages and instructions on who to attack, when and how based on current tactical targets - organisations, individuals, activities (e.g. consultations), etc. This includes dog-piling.

  • Focussing on those secondary groups where there is most traction to build these… e.g. women and women’s groups.

  • Guerrilla tactics. Identify, attack one area and then move on. Constantly changing the point of attack based on the ‘on the ground’ situation. Pick each area as opportunities arise but within an overall framework…  School policies, Guides, YHA, Support Charities, Govt bodies, Stonewall, Keira Bell, GRA reforms, Equalities Act challenges, Joshua Sutcliffe, Women’s sports, etc. etc. … This means

    • The trans community and supporters are always chasing, always defending and always fighting on ‘the enemies’ turf/terms not theirs.

    • They are able to constantly keep their messages in the media and public eye.

  • Identifying and promoting individuals and groups in places of influence and importance that are taken in by their messages and feeding them their lines while making them martyrs to ‘the dangerous activists’… e.g. Baroness Falkener, Nicholson, Stock, JKR, etc….

  • Identifying and lobbying key decision-making organisations heavily and then moving along the chain of command as it gets opened up to them. For example, they initially lobbied the Equalities Office, D of E around sex and gender conflict and when these deferred to the EHRC they lobbied the EHRC. Now the EHRC has come out in their favour they will now start lobbying the next set of bodies down the line (e.g. passport office, etc) not only to implement the exclusion practices but to get processes implemented that will enable trans folks to be identified regardless of GRC status - we will end up wearing pink badges.

  • Use of professional, dedicated organisations to deliver key capabilities. Giving dedicated professionals a clear message, strategy and tactics and co-ordinating their activities is far more effective than the fragmented, tactical and amateur approach being used by the trans community. Key areas include

    • Marketing and media relations

    • Political lobbying

    • Legal expertise (Christian concern has a fully staffed legal office a few doors down from the London Transgender Clinic!)

  • Making their hate and eradication campaign seem perfectly reasonable in the eyes of the public by calling themselves ‘Gender Critical’ as in ‘We’re not a hate group. We are just critical of gender ideology and being critical and questioning is a good thing’. Not only has the public been taken in by this but amazingly so has the trans community, to the point they are actually promoting this hate normalisation through the adoption and use of this endorsing term!  It may be pejorative within the trans community but in the wider public it is seen positively.

  • Focusing on trans women and not acknowledging trans men or NB’s. Pushing the myth of trans women as bulky deluded men in dresses, dangerous perverts, etc. etc. This exploits the trans communities’ own issues. With enough to deal with as it is those that are not directly being attacked have a tendency to try to avoid the conflict rather than take part in it.

  • Playing to general public ignorance in biology, sex, neurology, and pushing the false tropes of biological sex binaries (XX, XY), gender as a social construct.

  • Pre-empting the trans communities’ responses and turning their naivety and inadequately thought through responses against them using their far superior media and communications capabilities. For example, turning the protests against Women’s Place roadshow and other protests into proof of violent and dangerous trans activism or that trans folks are just weird men in dresses.

  • Threatening or starting legal action knowing the opposition cannot afford nor has the legal knowledge to defend themselves and will therefore capitulate.

  • Piling in on and attacking those who stand up against them, effectively silencing them, while claiming at the same time that this opposition is trying to silence them and their right to free speech (which of course doesn’t mean right to be heard or accepted)


Resources and the army


To succeed there must be four things

  • Money to fund the activities within the war

  • Troops to fight the war

  • A command organisation to direct the troops, manage allies and the finances and logistics.

  • Professionals running and undertaking key functions

  • Focus, unity and cohesion


Although the army that has been recruited, using the honeypots, is small – maybe only a few tens of thousands – and predominantly from secondary groups like women’s groups, they have been well organised and directed. Interestingly these groups would normally be enemies – far right Christians are very much against feminism and LGB folks – but have formed an alliance to fight ‘the common cause’, even if the secondary groups are unaware of this.


Being Christian/Political groups they have considerable financial reserves and ability to raise money. They are using these and specifically ‘dark’ money, including on-line fundraisers. to raise large sums of money to support their activities. They can raise between £20,000 to £100,000 overnight when they need to. It is the surety in access to funds that enables the campaign to start litigation, undertake promotional activities, (secretly) support those ‘third party’ groups who are promoting their messages…. 


Added to this they have a significant base of main stream right wing media who will willing promote their propaganda and stir up misunderstanding and false beliefs leading to increased transphobia and a naïve ‘independent and neutral’ media (e.g. the BBC) who can be easily manipulated to broadcast their message.

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